Wigan has fantastic transport links to both Manchester and Liverpool and indeed the UK. The motorways accessible from Wigan are: M6, M56, M60, M61, M62, M57, M58 

To get to Manchester it is a simple journey on the M6 which takes you to the M62 and finally the M60 or M602, to get to Liverpool it is a motorway journey on the M58 and then a short journey on the A59. Both Journeys take approximately 40 minutes and so being based in Wigan gives you a central base to both cities and does not prohibit frequent journeys for meetings or events. If your preferred method of transport is train, then Wigan is also a great location. The train from Wigan Wallgate to Manchester Victoria takes 25 minutes and the cost is between £3 and £5. This train is also very frequent and runs approximately every 10-15 minutes. The train from Wigan North Western to Liverpool Lime Street Takes approximately 50 minutes and is between £5 and £7, this train runs approximately every 15 minutes. The Virgin train from Wigan Wallgate to London takes just 2 hours! The information above highlights the transport links in Wigan are of a high quality and are perfect for commuting to Manchester, Liverpool or any other major city in England. 


We have a large range of commercial property and possess Ft²/Mtr² to suit every business. By navigating our search functions on the site you will find a variety of workshop, office or industrial unit space. We pride ourselves on delivering quality property and quality service at great value. The cost per Ft²/Mtr² of our properties is almost guaranteed to be more affordable than that of comparable commercial property in Manchester or Liverpool. We offer a wide range of properties and these include town centre and canal side properties with prestigious offices in the surrounding areas. If you are looking for high quality office space in a central location with extremely good transport links, then Wigan is the place to be and the Wigan Investment Centre is an ideal location offering kudos to all types of organisations. Forget looking at letting agents in Manchester or Liverpool, come to Wigan where quality and value is guaranteed. To discuss any of our properties, obtain prices or speak to a member of our team give us a call on 01942 705 705.


George Formby was born in Westminster Street, Wigan. Ian McKellen famous actor of Lord of the Rings, X-MEN and The Da Vinci Code and Shakespearean acting lived in Wigan as a young boy. Wigan Pier, a wharf on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, was made famous by the writer George Orwell. In his book, The Road to Wigan Pier, Orwell highlighted the poor working and living conditions of the local inhabitants during the 1930s. The name of the town has been recorded variously as Wigan in 1199, Wygayn in 1240, and Wygan in numerous historical documents. Wigan was originally known for its clock making and porcelain manufacturing until the industrial revolution where it became famous as a mill town and mining community. Wigan will now become central to the Northern Powerhouse.